Custom Sandstone Creations

Here is a piece that I recently finished for my dear friend Dora and her family. She asked me if I could paint a sandstone of her little Chihuahua named Chiquita. Now I’m really picky when it comes to custom work, I really have to like the subject and if they have a photo of something they would like painted, it has to be a really great shot.

You wouldn’t believe the photos people want me to paint. A nice little old lady contacted me once and asked me to paint her cat, wonderful I thought I like cats have two myself. When I saw the photo I thought O’boy this is not good. The photo was taken from about 10 feet away of a cat curled up in a ball sleeping. I thought does she want me to paint the couch, lamp, wall hangings and the rest of the rooms decor as well… I hate to disappoint and art is about translation and creativity,  so I got creative and painted her cat, she was very happy and commented that it looked just like her cat.

Well Dora didn’t disappoint me and provided a great shot of her Chiquita. She must have gotten way down to Chihuahua level and snapped off a great photo for me to go by.

Dora and her family were thrilled with the results, and I was thrilled to create a work of art that they will enjoy forever!

Title: XoXo,

Size 7 X 7 inches

Ink on Sandstone


New Promotional Video

Here is a new video that I send out to Art Galleries as a promotional piece. This along with a flyer, PowerPoint presentation or sometimes just the video to keep it a bit simple. Currently working on another video of just my canvas paintings and then one as a mix of both sandstone creations and canvas paintings.

I have learned that galleries are bombarded with submissions so I burn my presentation to DVD so that they can view it when and where they choose. Emails tend to get lost in spam filters, a busy day and basically just deleting unneeded emails to keep up.  It’s always nice that they have something tangible, even it they throw it on the desk, they will come back to it eventually, even if it’s during cleaning. They may say “well I remember this, lets see what it’s all about”.


Photos from Lake Powell