Wrapping up the year with some changes!

I have some artistic changes in the works to start off a great New Year! First I have a new company name: Drizzle to Rain Fine Arts. I also have a new signature name, I will now sign all my work with my full name of Patrickcollin; this is a true representation of my artistic side.

With the New Year I will also be releasing a completely new and redesigned website. After months of hard work, new photos and learning some HTML it is just about ready to release.

Over the years I have had many customers ask questions about me as an artist. They asked what inspires me, how I feel when I paint, what emotions I go through… my new site delves into my life as an artist, it is professional yet personable, allowing you to follow me through my creative process. Most importantly it is full of original art and art prints to view and purchase.


Custom Sandstone Creations

Here is a piece that I recently finished for my dear friend Dora and her family. She asked me if I could paint a sandstone of her little Chihuahua named Chiquita. Now I’m really picky when it comes to custom work, I really have to like the subject and if they have a photo of something they would like painted, it has to be a really great shot.

You wouldn’t believe the photos people want me to paint. A nice little old lady contacted me once and asked me to paint her cat, wonderful I thought I like cats have two myself. When I saw the photo I thought O’boy this is not good. The photo was taken from about 10 feet away of a cat curled up in a ball sleeping. I thought does she want me to paint the couch, lamp, wall hangings and the rest of the rooms decor as well… I hate to disappoint and art is about translation and creativity,  so I got creative and painted her cat, she was very happy and commented that it looked just like her cat.

Well Dora didn’t disappoint me and provided a great shot of her Chiquita. She must have gotten way down to Chihuahua level and snapped off a great photo for me to go by.

Dora and her family were thrilled with the results, and I was thrilled to create a work of art that they will enjoy forever!

Title: XoXo,

Size 7 X 7 inches

Ink on Sandstone

Photos from Lake Powell

Showing at DREAMS AND LEGENDS of the Superstitions Gallery

I’m currently showing my Sandstone Creations along with a few paintings at Dreams and Legends of the Superstitions Gallery located in Apache Junction. Local artists of all types sell and display their art at this wonderful art gallery that is dedicated to freedom of artistic expressions. This gallery is located on Highway 88  directly across from the beautiful Superstition Mountains and on the way to Canyon Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Gold Field and Tortilla Flats.'My Art Wall'

Many times when I set up my canopy and artwork outside the galley I sit and sketch the mountains at different times throughout the day to document the colors and shadows as the sun moves across the massive stone mountain.

I’m enjoying my experience at this gallery, it’s a joy to show my work with so many talented artist. With the weather heating up I’m curious how long the business will continue to pour in at the gallery. Next month the temperature will be well over 100 degrees and the heat may be too intense to venture into the great outdoors.Dreams and Legends of the Superstitions Gallery

Sandstone Creations

They have been called unique, beautiful, amazing even organic. What ever you call them they are original to me the artist Patrick McCrohan. I begin by hand selecting my sandstone from local landscaping design centers picking out flawless large thick slabs. Its not quite like going down to the art store and grabbing a canvas off the shelf. I lug the sandstone home, break them into more manageable sizes, chisel and shape them. I clean and scrub them down removing any loose pieces and then lay them out to dry.  I use black ink and a stippling technique to create simple yet dramatic shading making the images pop.

(Stippling is a process of creating thousands of tiny little dots by hand). Sandstone is very porous so the ink soaks right in creating permanent works of art. Sandstone has so many beautiful natural features that will enhance the artwork. I look for the differences in each piece, stone colors, textures, tones, shapes and layers are all part of my creations. I make sure to check both sides and turn it around and around again before I decide what image is just right for that individual stone. A piece that is tall and skinny may be great for a giraffe or I may turn it on its side and see a line of elephants marching to their favorite watering hole. Somehow I can see the best in each piece.

My Dreamcoat Studio

 Back in 2006 I decided that I needed a nice place to paint. At the time I was using a spare bedroom. I had my paints, brushes, crafts, canvas and sandstone scattered all over the room. The closet was unoriginazed and stuffed with reference materials, supplies, old projects from school, a projector and a host of things that really belonged in other parts of the house. The carpet was stained with paint, ink, markers, wine you name it. What started off as beige was beginning to look like the technicolor dreamcoat. It was way past blaming on the cat. The room was a horrible cramped inefficient mess.


I decided on:

Dark hardwood flooring for easy clean up

Tinted plaster for the walls, orange my favorite color

A cable lighting system for some style and functionality

A large built-in desk for the Apple computer and an extra painting area

Lots of overhead cabinets and…

everything had to have rollers, easel, chairs, art carts, everything. I kind of like to wheel around the room from the computer to the easel and then across the room to get supplies. It sounds lazy but it’s rather fun. Sometimes I miss my mark and go crashing into the wall and then let out a good laugh. Still looking for a trash can with wheels.

My studio now has a ‘Painting Zone’ Viewing Zone’ ‘Storing Zone’ ‘Surfing Zone’ ‘Relaxing and Chilling Zone’ and everything in between! It really is a great working space. It’s not a huge space but it’s very efficient, besides once I’m at my easel my back is truned to the world and I’m focused on the art before me. I think what really makes it special is that I did all the work myself, from the floor to the ceiling. I’m prod of my accomplishment every time I step into my “Dreamcoat Studio”.